Corvette Z06 race track training voucher

Corvette Z06 race track training voucher



Corvette Z06 race track training voucher

A bubbling V8 with so much torque that just tapping the accelerator pedal is enough to reach cruising speed in a relaxed manner – the only way to replace displacement is with even more displacement! American sports car manufacturers have consistently pursued this ideology and have been creating a unique experience for their customers for decades. The absolute top model is the Corvette Z06 – where extreme power meets perfect racetrack performance – more US motorsport is not possible!

What does this voucher include?

sportwagen geschenkgutschein


Sportwagen Geschenkbox

Gift Box

You will receive a voucher for an unforgettable racetrack training session in the Corvette Z06

choose between

  • PDF voucher by email
  • high-quality paper voucher by post
  • DRIVAR® Premium gift box with high-quality model

We would like to give you the perfect gift that will not incur any additional costs or nasty surprises when you redeem it. That’s why we include the following services in the Corvette racing car voucher:

  1. Drive on the race track in a Corvette Z06 for the selected number of laps
  2. incl. personal instructor
  3. Detailed vehicle briefing
  4. Driver coaching & theory briefing included
  5. Sufficient time for photos & videos
  6. No deposit required!
  7. From the age of 18!
  8. No fixed dates – can be redeemed individually
  9. Petrol costs are includedüber die Corvette Z06
  10. NEW: Now with GoPro 4K video of the ride on request!

It is the American equivalent of the Porsche 911: a fat V8 beat, planted in a very light chassis and the unmistakable boat tail have always made the hearts of US car enthusiasts beat faster. Since the C7 model series, the Corvette has not only been incredibly fast, but has also completely arrived in Europe in terms of appearance. In the USA, it is old hat to hire a Corvette for a weekend trip – now finally here too!

The combination of large-volume V8 engines and rear-wheel drive ensure playful acceleration and plenty of driving fun. Of course, the “downsizing” trend has now also arrived overseas, meaning that the current version is also fitted with a comparatively economical V8. For all true fans, however, this will probably be irrelevant, which is why DRIVAR only offers the “original” for hire.

The Z06 is what the 911 GT3 is to Porsche: an uncompromising racetrack racer with plenty of power, but thanks to the perfectly optimised suspension and its low weight, it is also an absolute weapon when cornering!

Locations for Corvette Z06 racetrack training in Germany

With a wide range of locations, we really want to give every interested party the chance to redeem their dream car at a location of their choice. This is currently possible in:

  • Motorsportarena Oschersleben near Magdeburg
  • STC Motodrom (Spreewaldring) near Berlin
  • Bilster Berg Drive Resort near Paderborn
  • Driving Centre Groß Dölln near Berlin
  • Lausitzring near Dresden

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3 laps, 4 laps, 5 laps, 10 laps, 50 laps

fixed date


gift box

PDF-voucher via E-mail, paper voucher via post, premium gift box with model car

inkl. 4K-Video

With video, Without video


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Unsere DRIVAR® Erlebnisgeschenke bescheren jedem Autoliebhaber unter anderem folgende Vorteile:
  1. Perfekte Auswahl: Markenbezogene Gutscheine sind für alle auf der DRIVAR® Plattform gelisteten Fahrzeuge der jeweiligen Marke gültig, bieten den Beschenkten also die Möglichkeit, genau Ihren persönlichen Traumwagen auszusuchen und in der Stadt Ihrer Wahl einzulösen. Unsere Wertgutscheine sind sogar für alle Sportwagen zum fahren gültig!
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