Rent a Bentley in Switzerland


Convincing arguments for renting a Bentley

Bentley: The finest British noblesse meets distinguished sportiness. Hardly any other luxury car brand skillfully combines inimitable driving comfort with an extremely long and glorious motorsport tradition.

Even though Bentley is now part of the VW Group, it has still managed to retain its true charm to this day. And last but not least, all Bentley sports cars thus benefit from state-of-the-art technology in a traditional guise. You want to know how this combination feels in practice? Then you should simply rent a Bentley.

Locations: Where can I rent a Bentley?

At DRIVAR you can rent an Bentley model in nearly every city in Switzerland: The DRIVAR® network meanwhile consists of hundreds of sports and luxury cars all over Switzerland – By that we also cover regions that were not able to experience their personal supercar experience. So far you were only able to hire a luxury car in big Switzerland cities like Zurich, St. Gallen, Bern or Basel, as well as Zermatt, Luzern and Genf were part of this list. We´re going to change that now. Offering anybody the exotic car of his dreams anywhere in Switzerland is our mission.

The different Bentley models

Bentley’s model range has always been manageable; it is simply more about class than mass. A distinction must be made between the four-door Bentley Flying Spur and the Bentley Continental GT, which is available as both a convertible and a coupe. All versions are also available in a particularly luxurious version from the company’s own tuner Mulliner.

The latest SUV creation goes by the name Bentley Bentayga and is offered in various variants with V8 and W12 engines and even as a diesel version.

Bentley rental with maximum quality

All Bentley models listed with us have been personally verified by us and are not mere “fantasy vehicles”. We take great care to ensure that all luxury cars for rent and their providers meet our internal quality criteria, that the vehicles are actually available at the specified location, and that our customers have a truly unrestricted experience when they rent a Bentley. The DRIVAR® team is also on hand to offer advice and support in conflict situations – so we are much more than just an intermediary for luxury car rental requests. The idea of our platform is not too old – But the team behind DRIVAR® has been in a leading position in the sports car rental industry for over 10 years and knows that it depends on much more than just picking up a cheap price. Therefore: Trust the quality of true professionals when it comes to such an emotional topic as renting a luxury car.

Also not insignificant: the right insurance. All Bentley models listed with DRIVAR naturally come with self-drive rental insurance. But that’s not all: Extensive additional options, from the reduction of the deductible to passenger insurance and bail insurance, ensure an unclouded experience even in the worst-case scenario – and thus maximum driving pleasure!

Rent a Bentley anywhere: The DRIVAR® Delivery Service

And if we don’t have a region of your choice, or you would like to have your Bentley delivered to your vacation destination: No problem, with the help of our extensive logistics network we also offer you the Bentley for rent in cities that are not obviously represented here. By the way, this applies not only to various locations in Switzerland, but also includes personal delivery throughout Europe!




What is DRIVAR?

DRIVAR is a digital car sharing platform where vehicle owners can offer their sports car, luxury car or classic car and users can rent their dream car. In addition, DRIVAR also ensures that the rental process runs smoothly and provides the appropriate insurance packages.

Are these all DRIVAR’s own cars?

All vehicles on the DRIVAR platform belong to very different vehicle owners. However, before we publish it, we manually check the seriousness of the owner of each advertisement and whether the car also has the legally required insurance.

Can I also rent a vehicle if I have not yet reached the minimum age?

Yes, for certain vehicles we offer a special “Young Driver Insurance” as an option. We will be happy to tell you which vehicles these are in your region on request.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, you will find the amount of the deposit in the respective vehicle advertisement. In most cases, this can be deposited either in cash or by credit card.

How can I pay the rental price?

You can pay the rental price when you pick it up either in cash, by debit or credit card.

When can I pick up the vehicle and when do I have to return it?

We’ll try to respond to you as much as possible here. Please let us know your desired times. A daily rental lasts a maximum of 24 hours and a weekend rental lasts a maximum of Friday to Monday morning.

Where exactly is the car?

You can find the city or region in which the vehicle is located directly in the vehicle advertisement. Please understand that for security reasons we do not publish exact address details.

What additional costs should I expect?

The price shown in the respective vehicle advertisement is already the final price. Some vehicles may be more expensive on weekend days (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) than during the week. Further additional costs may arise if you book or drive more km or want to take out additional insurance. Gasoline costs are not included in the rental price.

And when will I get the exact address?

As soon as the vehicle has been successfully reserved for you, you will of course receive all the address and contact information necessary for collection.

How high is the deductible in the event of damage?

The amount of the self-service fee varies from vehicle to vehicle and will be communicated to you in advance during the reservation. You also have the option of further reducing the amount of the SB with the help of additional insurance.

Can I reschedule an appointment if the weather is bad?

No, postponement due to unsuitable weather is usually not possible. An exception is such bad weather conditions that the respective landlord agrees to postpone the date.

What are the costs in the event of a cancellation?

The cancellation costs are between 25 and 100%, depending on the rental rate selected when making the reservation. You will receive an overview of all rental rates from us when you make your reservation.

Can I also have the vehicle delivered to my home or another desired address?

Yes, this is possible upon request. We will be happy to inform you of the exact delivery costs once you have provided the exact desired address.

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Bentley gift voucher – gift ideas on road & race track

Do you want to give your loved ones a great pleasure? With a voucher for Bentley driving you give away a very special adventure, which will be remembered for a long time! All Bentley experiences are suitable as an outstanding gift idea for men as well as for women: Starting with the familiarization tour with a personal instructor to the rental for a day or a weekend to the luxurious Bentley tour, the portfolio includes everything the heart of car fans desires! Through the huge vehicle selection on DRIVAR®, everyone can drive their personal dream car today!

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