Renting a sports car for a weekend in Germany

lamborghini autobahn

Renting a sports car for a weekend in Austria

Renting an exotic sports car in Austria and taking it for a nice trip over the weekend – Is there anything better on earth? But: Where to go with your dream car? Any suggestions? Cruising from cafe to cafe might be interesting for a few minutes and might even turn some heads. But using your rental time efficient offers a lot more opportunities. We put together what came into our heads and here are some ideas for the perfect weekend with a sports car:


Your Alpine Adventure

alpine roadtrip

By far the most renters take their vehicles in mountain terrain. And when we tell you about mountains we mean some real mountains! The Alps for example are giving you a really good opportunity to get to know your new car, offer some brilliant views from top to top, bring up curvy roads that you ever dreamed of and bring you together with lots of other petrol heads to talk about what you just experienced. Countries like Italy, Austria and Switzerland even make you feel a bit exotic. So that is what we call a real sports car holiday! By the way: The best places to start your journey up to top are Graz or Linz.


Driving coast-to-coast

coast roadtrip

But what if you’re more into experiencing the North of Germany? Is that even worth renting a sports car there? Yes, of course, it is! Cruising in a sporty convertible or a classic car from coast to cost, taking a dive into the blue water und enjoying some really lonely German island roads is for sure worth every second of it! You can even make some day trips to near Czech Republic or (by using one of the ferries) to Hungary and so include a Scandinavian adventure in your journey! The sports car for this should ideally be rented in Vienna or nearby.



Automobile castles and museums

bmw welt

Not so far from Austria, there are some amusing other options. If you’re more looking for a quiet and relaxing trip you should definitely visit one of the big automobile “theme parks” in Germany. It doesn’t matter if this is the BMW Welt in Munich, Porsche & Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, the Audiforum in Ingolstadt or the Autostadt in Wolfsburg: All of them offer you a big entertaining program with car-related content and so are the perfect places to make your sports car rental weekend really unique!